About Dynachem

Automatic Lamination Technologies – Dynachem is an independent, privately-held company fully dedicated to design, manufacture and offer high Technology equipment to the PCB, chemical milling, semiconductor and photovoltaic industries.

Automatic Lamination Technologies – Dynachem has over 35 years of proven experience, in supplying dry film imaging equipment, primarily with Hot Roll laminators, Vacuum Laminators and Solder-Mask Spray coating.
We have been delivering innovative solutions to the leading companies worldwide, ensures maximum return on technology investment and widespread user adoption by delivering solutions tailored around processes and decision-making workflows.

About Dynachem

Company History

1985 – Started as equipment division as part of the Morton International Group (USA) under the Dynachem brand name.

1999 – Group acquired by Rohm and Haas (USA).

2009 – Dow Chemical (USA) acquired our division from Rohm and Haas.

2010 – Automatic Lamination Technologies was formed after MBO from Dow Chemicals on 1st January 2010, reviving the historic brand name Dynachem.

Based in Varese in a modern property building of 1200 squared meters.

The building include sales, purchasing, administration, R&D, offices, spare parts warehouse, laboratory, yellow room for demo and testing.

2014 – Dynachem Asia was opened in June 2014 to provide technical support and spare parts service for Asia market with office in Singapore.

Today Automatic Lamination Technologies is an independent company, fully dedicated to offer high Technology equipment to the PCB, chemical milling, semiconductor and photovoltaic industries, primarily in hot roll and vacuum lamination.

  • 2020 – Dynachem opened a new Manufacturing shop, named J-MEC. ALT acquired this historical shop located in Varese close to Switzerland in order to have a better control of our own production and Purchase Orders.


Dynachem News



New Agent for Benelux
Automatic Lamination Technologies – Dynachem is pleased to announce that Adeon Technologies B.V. member of the CCI Eurolam Group has been appointed to represent Dynachem products for BENELUX.

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ELCOFLEX Ltd. Invests again in New DYNACHEM RTR Laminator

ELCOFLEX Ltd. Invests again in New DYNACHEM RTR Laminator

Dynachem Automatic Lamination Technologies, a worldwide leader company in dry film resist hot roll and vacuum lamination systems, is proud to announce that Elcoflex, a Finland leading Flexible Electro-Mechanical Components, has once again purchased a Dynachem Roll-to-Roll Laminator machine for their new expansion.

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