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This unit has been partially stripped down and re-assembled.

Defective mechanical, electronic and pneumatic parts have been re-adjusted or replaced with either with regenerated or new parts.

All consumable parts have been replaced with new one

Software and Electrical diagram updating related to the emergency circuits to comply with the latest IEC rules.

Main frame and cover are refinished and all surface re-painted .

Calibrated and tested in house as per quality control.

Refrigerated Finishing Unit RFU 2024 G FULLY RECONDITIONED

The Refrigerated Finishing Unit RFU 2024 G provides quick cooling of the panels processed with
Dry Film resist or ConforMASK™ dry film.
It can be used for different applications when quick cooling of the panels is required.
The system can be equipped either with gas compressor or with a combination of exchanger water
system and gas compressor.
The very low temperature chamber ensures to the unit to decrease the panel temperature in a few
The system is equipped with an automatic defroster as well.