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Manual Laminator 360 rebuilt unit

The Manual Laminator model 360 is designed to provide reliable lamination of dry film photoresist to inner layers, multi-layers, single-sided and double-sided printed circuit boards, and chemical milling parts.

Productivity depends on operating variables, such as panel dimensions, film type, feeding method, etc.

AUTOMATIC LAMINATOr 1600 SPC fully reconditioned

The Automatic Cut Sheet Laminator 1600-SPC is a solid construction and very efficient machine, it has
been specially designed to laminate a full range of PCB.
The shear type cutting system allow to eliminate resist chips and the tacking design system guarantee
a safer thin material handling.
The IR heating system guarantee a quick rump up and stable lamination roll temperature.
Among the main features of this version is the possibility to provide all working parameters of the
machine to a system management, the supervision and the statistic control of the process.

PRE-HEATER PH830 fully reconditioned

The Pre-Heater model 830 is a compact, high-performance unit designed and built to heat the
panel to be laminated with dry film photoresist, in the Dynachem Automatic or Semi-Automatic
The heater does not come into contact with the panels, which avoids dust and chips sticking to

Refrigerated Finishing Unit RFU 2000/N new upgraded previous series

The Refrigerated Finishing Unit RFU 2000/N provides quick cooling of the panels processed with
Dry Film resist or ConforMASK™ dry film.
It can be used for different applications when quick cooling of the panels is required.
The system can be equipped either with gas compressor or with a combination of exchanger water
system and gas compressor.
The very low temperature chamber ensures to the unit to decrease the panel temperature in a few
The system is equipped with an automatic defroster as well.