Vacuum Applicator VA 7224-HP7

The Vacuum Applicator 7224-HP7 is a standalone machine, designed and built to ensure complete elimination of air from the surfaces of a printed circuit board, as well as perfect encapsulation of the traces. The machine has been developed for simultaneous application on both sides of the PCBs (flexible and rigid) in order to achieve high lamination quality and excellent conformation to fine patterns with dry film photoresist, dry film soldermask or ConforMASK, dielectric film, copper foil for SBU technology and coverlayer application. The machine ensures a perfect adhesion of the products and that there are no air bubbles.
The Vacuum Applicator 7224-HP7 employs heat, vacuum and high lamination pressure. The machine is provided with a data management system to supervise and control the process
parameters via an appropriate software.


  • Stainless steel construction-suitable for clean room operation
  • Suitable for innerlayer or rigid panels-full range from 0,05÷6,40 mm (0.002÷0.250 in.) thickness
  • Dynamic and static slap down cycles
  • High lamination pressure adjustable up to 7 Kg/cm2 (ATM to 99.5 PSI)
  • Greatly reduces materials waste
  • Panel sizes up to 610 x 610 mm (24 x 24 in.)
  • High temperature film release roll to roll (option)
  • Maximum lamination temperature 180°C (356°F)-platens’ temperature is individually controlled
  • Entire platen area can be filled with one or more panels
  • State-of-the-art vacuum technology
  • Completely controlled by Omron PLCoperator interface in various languages by touch screen display
  • Comfortable access to the vacuum chamber for cleaning or maintenance operations
  • Upper plate opening by gear-motor


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