Vacuum Applicator VA 7024 ATM

The Vacuum Applicator VA 7024 ATM is a semiautomatic laminator for a small photovoltaic modules, designed and built to ensure complete elimination of air and encapsulation of materials to form void-free composite structures for the manufacture of solar cells. The vacuum chamber has temperature, vacuum and pneumatic pressure capabilities, which are independently controlled to provide optimum processing conditions to suit your materials and configurations.
The parameters process sequence can be set, saved and down-load again at any time.


  • Machine painted with Powder Coating to comply with the most stringent requirement of clean environment. Stainless steel construction available as option
  • Lamination pressure adjustable up to ATM
  • Panel sizes up to 645 x 645 x 6,4mm (25.4 x 25.4 x 0.252 in.)
  • High temperature film release roll to roll (option)
  • Maximum lamination temperature 180°C (356°F)-platens’ temperature is individually controlled
  • State-of-the-art vacuum technology
  • Completely controlled by PLC-operator interface in various languages by touch screen display
  • Comfortable access to the vacuum chamber for cleaning or maintenance operations