Unwind Rewind Module 6126

The Unwind Rewind Module 6126 have been designed for easy roll-to-roll materials process. The roll is unwound with a constant tension to keep it aligned before being rewound.
Advancement of the web is driven by four servo-motors (drivers controlled) which manage speed, tension and diameter compensation.
The web alignment is controlled by two CCD sensors in the Y direction (one on the unwinding module and one in the rewinding module) and the tension is adjustable .
The roll replaced is locked and sealed by a couple of double splice tables with pneumatic hold down bars. The unwinding module is equipped with expansion rolls with independent servo-motor and with a special reinforced frame for holding the two heavy web rolls (250Kg each).
The rewinding module is also equipped with expansion rolls and independent servo-motors and with a special reinforced frame too.

Unwind Rewind Module 6126


  • Double web roll shaft managed by brushless for non stop production
  • Expanding shaft 3 inch. (6 inch. adaptor as option)
  • Web tension control device managed by brushless motors
  • Two Splice Tables with double pneumatic hold down bars (UN/RW modules)
  • Completely controlled by OMRON PLC
  • Clean, oil-less compressed air system
  • Diameter compensation device
  • Double CCD sensor Edge guided system for both UNWIND/REWIND modules
  • End of web alarm (it can be set by meters)
  • Industrial touch screen PC display 10”
  • Web tension dancing module
  • Additional 2nd web shaft 3” (option)
  • Interleave shaft (option)



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