Teknek cleaning unit

Discover the Teknek Cleaning Unit innovative sheet cleaning machine. This versatile thin sheet cleaner is perfect for PCB, graphics, LCD, and touchpanel production. With state-of-the-art lightweight elastomer rollers that delicately contact both sides of the material with minimal pressure, you can be confident that your sensitive surfaces remain undamaged.

Teknek has been dedicated to solving customer contamination problems for over 30 years. Teknek business is entirely focused on researching, developing, producing and servicing contact cleaning equipment. Teknek invented the Technology and have through innovation and service managed to remain at the forefront of this sector.

Further development has enhanced the sheet cleaner to meet increasing demands across various industries, particularly for processing and cleaning very thin materials. Innovation in elastomer and adhesive technology plays a pivotal role in offering a low-static environment and top-tier cleaning performance. The latest static dissipative and surface-modified elastomer, NTcleen, is a key element in advancing thin film processing. This unique material controls static at the point of cleaning, ensuring reliable cleaning and processing of thin films.

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