SmartSpray Series A24

Automatic Lamination Technologies has developed the SmartSpray series S2 setting a new trend in
PCB Soldermask spraying technology by horizontal coating.
The board detection system allow the automatic spraying of single or double sides.
The innovative solution of our nozzles provide advantages in precision film coating application on
circuit boards. It is ideal for small to medium size printed circuit board manufacturers, who makes
frequent product changeovers.
Our range of spray systems accommodates most PCB manufacturer’s needs from stand-alone to in
line systems.
We offer the utmost performance in quality, consistency and production speed for all types of solder
mask, coatings and substrates.



  • Comply with industry 4.0
  • Universal (Left to Right and Right to Left)
  • Simple, Easy & Quick maintenance
  • Single or double sides process
  • High precision guns transmission system
  • Pre-Heating device for ink stability
  • Heating spray circuit
  • Automatic panel width reading
  • Input conveyor with centering unit
  • Spray uniformity +/- 3 μm dry
  • HMI PC display touch 15” wide
  • Pre set for barcode reading
  • Cleaning guns section
  • Lateral Roll to Roll paper protection system
  • Automatic color change for one channel (option)
  • Scales for ink alarm (option)
  • Independent box for exhaust
  • Exhaust box with carbon filters (option)


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