SmartLam Pre-Tack Series 5000

The SMARTLAM Pre-tack series 5000 Automatic Cut Sheet Laminator is a high–technology machine, specially designed to laminate a full range of PCBs.
The machine is built in stainless steel to comply with the most stringent requirements of clean environment.
The machine can be used also as Pre-Tack Laminator for in-line vacuum process linked to the DYNACHEM Conveyorized Vacuum Applicator. For in-line vacuum lamination the laminator needs to be equipped with a closed loop water refrigerator to control the dry film temperature during pre-lamination, and clamp system on the exit conveyor for panel extraction.
The unit is provided with a data management system to supervise and statistically control the process parameters via proprietary software.

SmartLam Pre-Tack Series 5000


  • Stainless steel construction-suitable for 1000 clean room operation
  • Vacuum by venturi system – Noise close to zero
  • Friendly operation – OMRON PLC – operator interface in various languages by industrial touch PC/Display
  • Clamps system on the exit conveyor for panel extraction.
  • Shear type cutting system to eliminate resist chips
  • Water Closed loop refrigerator for keeping low the dry film temperature
  • Gas Closed loop refrigerator for keeping low the laminated panel before lamination
  • Equipped with thin layer support for very thin panel
  • Internet connection line for remote control
  • Easier DF set up & maintenance
  • Teknek Cleaning module installed into input conveyor, as option
  • Barcode reader as option
  • Statistic Process Control (SPC) – Easy data system proprietary software provided *

* Local and remote supervision, management and monitoring data by PC, auto–tuning for panel exit temperature, management of maintenance operations; automatic set-up of working parameters.

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