Semi-Automatic Laminator SA 3124 OC

The SA 3124 OC is a semi-automatic laminator designed and built for dry film photoresist, hot pressure lamination of PCBs and chemical milling parts.
The machine can be used also for cold application in Pre-tack configuration on PCBs, before the final process in the Dynachem Vacuum Laminators.
In addition, two knobs with a graduated scale installed on the upper side of the unit can adjust the “off contact” of the lamination rolls.


  • Suitable for innerlayer and rigid panels
  • Both rolls driven
  • Anti-static bars
  • Touch Screen display 7”
  • Fine alignment device
  • Completely controlled by OMRON PLC
  • AC motor controlled by inverter
  • Provided with 3 or 6 in. plastic adapter
  • Clean, oil-less compressed air system
  • Powerful vapour exhaust system
  • Lateral cutting device (option)
  • Wet lamination capability (option)
  • Thicker panel device up to 12,7 mm (0.5 in.) (option)
  • Pneumatic device for low lamination pressure
  • Centering unit with soft contact for thin material


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