Refrigerated Finishing Unit RFU 2036WG

The Refrigerated Finishing Unit RFU 2036 WG provides quick cooling of the panels processed with Dry Film resist or ConforMASK™ dry film.
It can be used for different applications when quick cooling of the panels is required.
The system is equipped with a combination of exchanger water system and gas compressor.
The very low temperature chamber ensures that the unit decreases the panel temperature in few seconds.
The system is equipped with an automatic defroster as well.


  • OMRON PLC – operator interface in various languages by touch screen display 8”
  • Suitable for clean room operation 1000
  • High cooling efficiency with low power consumption-closed loop air cooling system
  • Suitable for innerlayers and rigid panels
  • Preset for automatic in-line operations-easy handshake with other units
  • Temperature chamber up to -10°C
  • Output panel temperature detected
  • No adjustment required for panel thickness and size
  • Convenient operator access
  • Input and exit conveyors as option

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Chemical Milling, PCB, Semiconductors