Pre-Heater PH 8130 S1

The Pre-heater 8130 S1 model is a compact and high-performance unit.
It has been designed and built to heat the panel without contact before being laminated in the Dynachem Automatic or Semi-Automatic Laminators.
It is equipped with a lightweight Radiant Heater Panel which ensures a highly efficient radiating surface with a fast response.
It can be equipped either with stainless steel or teflon conveyor.

Pre-Heater PH 8130 S1


  • New stainless steel construction – suitable for clean room operation
  • Very efficient heating system by IR Radiant heater with fast response
  • No-contact heater system ensures a contamination-free panel
  • Suitable for innerlayer or rigid panels–full range from 0,05÷5 mm (0.002÷0.2 in.) thickness
  • Panel sizes up to 787 mm (31 in.) wide
  • Adjustable conveyor speed and digital temperature control
  • Possible to interface with a panel cleaning system
  • Preset for automatic in-line operations – easy handshake with other units
  • Touch color screen display 7”
  • Convenient operator access
  • Teflon conveyor belt (if required)
  • Free maintenance

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