Mylar Peeler MP30.1

The Mylar Peeler MP30.1 has been developed with the objective to remove the Mylar sheets from panels laminated with dry film photoresist in a simple and effective way.
The machine can automatically handle panels of different thickness without any adjustment.
The unit is equipped with knurling unit which scratch a bit the Mylar and at the same time an air jet lifts the Mylar in the same area in the front of the panels.
Vacuum drums will pick up the Mylar through some flat belts and driven into the collection basket.
The exit conveyor is made by disc rollers equipped either with ejector arm or small buffer with 4 positions.

Mylar Peeler MP30.1


  • Easy to use and manage-friendly operation
  • High productivity and reliability
  • Adjustments for panel thickness and size are not required
  • Suitable for innerlayer and outerlayer
  • Knurling pressure is pneumatically adjustable
  • Air jet and blow pressure adjustable
  • HMI operator ready for Industry 4.0
  • Preset for automatic in-line operation-easy handshake with other units
  • PC touch screen 10”
  • Convenient operator access
  • Exit conveyor with disc rollers and ejector arm


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