Manual Laminator RTR 3224

The Laminator Roll-to-Roll RTR 3224 has been designed for easy roll-to-roll materials dry film resist (DFR) lamination with hot rolls, single- or double-sided. The roll is unwound, tensioned, aligned and laminated. The DFR alignment is obtained by pre-centering operation initially carried out manually.
During lamination a more accurate centering can be achieved by a fine alignment device.
The working speed of the web is managed by bruschless motor installed in the rewinding module.
The web alignment is controlled by Ultra Sonic sensor in the Y direction and the tension is adjustable and controlled by electronic clutch. After lamination, the splice table with pneumatic hold down bars allows to lock and seal the new web.



  • Solid design
  • Single and double-side lamination
  • High lamination pressure and good uniformity
  • Anti-static bars system
  • Fine alignment device for dry film
  • Electronic web tension control device
  • Ultrasonic edge guided system for material positioning
  • Double splice table with pneumatic hold down bars
  • Expansion 3” & 6” web holder roll
  • Clean, oil-less compressed air system
  • Powerful vapor exhaust system
  • Service by remote connection
  • PC touch screen display 10”
  • Cleaning unit Teknek SLIM model (option)
  • Wet module capability or Pre-Heating module by IR plates no contact (option)
  • Exit panel temperature (option)


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