Multi Application Cobot MAC 706

The Dynachem handling Cobot MAC-706 a model that has been designed to operate safely alongside human workers and enable human-robot collaboration.
It can be programmed to perform various tasks in the factory setting such as panel handling, quality inspection and it can be used for feeding and automatically storing process lines using a small operation space.
This unit is very flexible, it can manage very thin layers up to rigid panels and it can be configured as loader or unloader with different working stations i.e. additional trolley for interleaf sheet between panels.


  • Easy to use and manage-friendly operation
  • Small Foot Print
  • Suitable for inner layer or rigid panels
  • Completely controlled by PC
  • Panel shaking
  • Panel holder plate with multiple suction cups with automatic Adjustment by camera, option
  • Suitable for multiple working stations
  • Panel detection by sensor and camera
  • Camera for panel dimension detection and QR code reading


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Chemical Milling, PCB