Interleaf Rack Unloader

The Dynachem Interleaf Rack Unloader handling machines model WT are from a selected high quality OEM supplier, based in Taiwan. This unit has been designed to unload panels with interleaf sheets from in-line process.
The unit has two L-rack stations: one is for panels and one is for interleaf sheets.
The machine is equipped with a panel holder trolley to take out and replace the L-Rack from the Loader.

Interleaf Rack Unloader


  • Construction : SUS 304
  • Suitable for inner layer or rigid panels
  • Centering unit
  • Completely controlled by Mitsubishi PLC
  • Panel holder plate with multiple suction cups, easily registerable positions
  • 65-degree RACK frame is adopted, and the panel will not easy fall off when using the thin plate
  • Panel holder trolley
  • Oil-free air components, silent, no exhaust pollution
  • HMI made by Pro-Face


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