Filler Coater DF 1122

The Filler Coater DF 1122 employs a thick-copper track-filling system which is patented and exclusive to Automatic Lamination Technologies Dynachem.
Panels are processed in-line with excellent throughput. Copper tracks are filled uniformly and completely, prior to complete encapsulation by a soldermask topcoat.
The coating system has been designed in conjunction with Automatic Lamination Technologies Dynachem Durashield V42 Filler chemistry. An exclusive stainless steel belt has an excellent self cleaning system by dual blades which allows to keep the unit clean from possible product leak.
The Filler Coater DF 1122 has a completely closed structure. It is suitable for the operator safety and to remove, by an exhaust system on the upper side of the machine, possible residual product vapours.
The unit also has the possiblity to separate the rooms, one of centering-alignment, the other of process-application of product.

Filler Coater DF 1122


  • Unique design–purpose-built machine, designed in combination with in-house V42 filler chemistry
  • Hydrodynamic filling system (Patent No. PCT/FR04/02043) giving full control of filling pressure, depth and uniformity
  • Efficient coated panel transport–stainless steel belt with an excellent self-cleaning system by dual blades
  • Filler head is automatically fed from an external tank by pump (no capacity limit)
  • Full automation possible, line rate adjustable up to 2,2 m/min., (7.2 ft./min.) equivalent to 5 x 420 mm (0.2 x 16.5 in.) length panels/min.
  • Friendly operation–touch screen display–operator interface in local language
  • On-line GSM phone connection for remote monitoring and software updates
  • Control panel is frontal and easy to access retrievable recipes/program settings
  • Filler head can be adjusted to over fill the inter track areas in order to avoid any deep risk
  • Variable-speed AC motors with frequency drives–integrated soft-contact panel centering unit
  • Easily interchangeable filler head (> 10 min.)–maximum permissible panel width of 560 mm (22 in.)
  • Customized coating head sizes for panel-coating precision
  • Stainless steel and aluminum construction–suitable for clean room operations
  • Preset for automatic in-line operation–easy handshake with other units


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