DF Cutting Station

The DF Cutting Station has been designed and built by Dynachem to serve the Vacuum laminators units and it is available in two sizes 24” and 30” length.
The unit design allows the operator to easily cut any type of plastic/chemical film (i.e. dry film, solder mask film ABF, etc.) at the right length, while the lateral cutting device allows to obtian also the right width, if needed.
The round blade shape ensures a good quality of cutting.
The table is built in stainless steel and designed so as to avoid folding it complies with the most stringent requirements of clean environment.

DF Cutting Station


  • Stainless steel construction-suitable for 1000 clean room operation
  • Round blade shape – no particles
  • Roll material off-set adjustment device
  • Dry Film lateral cutting
  • Preset to install a refrigerator
  • Easier DF set up & cleaning
  • ESD compliance


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