Deviator 303 FB

The Deviator 303 FB performs a lot of handling solutions in an automatic line and in extremely small
It can be either a deviator if used alone or it can be used as support of storage during the temporary
stop of the working line if combined with the Accumulator A-020 EC
The Deviator 303 FB is simple to use, allowing for flexibility in all processes.
The new conveyor system, composed of rolls and flat belts, makes this unit particularly suitable for
managing flexible or minimum thickness panels.


  • Stainless steel construction-suitable for clean
    room operation
  • Easy to manage and use
  • Preset for automatic in-line operations-easy
  • Handshake with other units
  • Completely controlled by PLC-operator interface in various languages by touch screen
  • Suitable for inner layer and outer layer
  • High conveyor and deviating speed
  • Display color touch screen 7”

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