K Company Installs Dynachem Automatic Vacuum Lamination Line

K Company Installs Dynachem Automatic Vacuum Lamination Line

Taiwanese advance substrate manufacturer K Company has purchased an Automatic Vacuum Lamination Line from Dynachem. The latest line is a newer design that incorporate many new features.

The manufacturer, a long-time partner of Dynachem with global distribution of high-end substrate, selected the Dynachem MVC 24-S1 for their new production facility. Two systems were installed and accepted for mass production in November 2017.

MVC (modular vacuum chamber) is the new generation modular machine that provides customer an option to extend the system from single stage to dual stage lamination.

The S1 (Series 1) system uses a silicon belt as the panel introduction into the chamber. This panel transfer method helps customer save substantial amount of operational cost.

Dynachem also supplies the MVC-RTR system that is using a PET reel-to-reel for panel transfer and the MVP (Modular Vacuum Press) for dual-stage lamination.

Cirexx Installs Dynachem Cut Sheet Laminator

Cirexx Installs Dynachem Cut Sheet Laminator

Cirexx International announced today that they have acquired and installed a Dynachem SmartLam 5200. The equipment is designed to laminate a full range of PCB products and is capable of handling thin and large panels up to 5 mm (0.2 in.) thick. The machine incorporates stainless steel construction to comply with the most stringent requirements of clean environment and a “patent” shear type cutting system to reduce resist chips. It is constructed to guarantee high quality lamination and the absolute reliability of the machine over a long period of time.

Philipp Menges, President and CEO of Cirexx said, “We needed this type of equipment to continue our growth into finer technologies.  The cut sheet laminator will improve our yields with the elimination of random contamination.”

Menges added, “The Dynachem machine is well built and workhorse.  It is a very good value.”

About Cirexx International

Founded in 1980, Cirexx International, Inc. is an electronic solutions company offering PCB Design, PCB Fabrication and PCB Assembly of high-reliability Printed Circuit Boards, RF/Microwave Circuit Boards, Flexible Printed Circuits and Rigid-Flex Circuit Boards. Recognized as a time-technology leader, the company offers a genuine Quick Turn service and provides a one stop shop and all in-house solution known as Seamless Integration. Cirexx has expertise fabricating high layer count Printed Circuit Boards using a variety of substrates including a wide array of high-frequency RF-based materials in mixed (hybrid) constructions. Cirexx delivers unsurpassed quality and support to a large array of customers in the high-reliability markets of defense/aerospace, industrial, and medical instrumentation

SmartLam Model 5200

DYNACHEM announce commercial launch of Spray Solder System

DYNACHEM announce commercial launch of Spray Solder System

Dynachem are pleased to launch the new SmartSpray Series 1 after successfully showing at Productronica show 2017 in Munich. This new series compliment the first design of Smart Spray 700. The Series S1 offer many technical and scalable solutions that meets the needs of a wider range of customers. The Series S1 has been installed in few facilities in Europe and is now commercial available to the market. We have a machine in our demo room for customer trials.

Please feel free to enquire or contact one of our team for further information.


ALT and Lauffer cooperation

ALT and Lauffer cooperation

Dynachem Lauffer

Automatic Lamination Technologies and Lauffer Pressen enter cooperation for dry film and dry film solder mask lamination


Italian based Automatic Lamination Technologies Srl. (Dynachem) and German Maschinenfabrik Lauffer GmbH & Co. KG (Lauffer Pressen) have entered a close cooperation with respect to the development and production of a new generation of automated lamination system for laminating dry film and dry film solder mask on flexible and rigid PCBs, LEDs, ABFs, IC substrates and semiconductors.


The new generation of systems will include proven Dynachem equipment modules such as pre-tack laminators and modular vacuum chambers as well as electrically heated, flat bed lamination presses from Lauffer. The system is designed to ensure the elimination of trapped air bubbles from the product surfaces and provide perfect encapsulation. The modular system will be operated with roll-to-roll conveyors.


Given its design, the new machine is able to process single and double sided products in order to achieve high lamination quality and excellent conformation to fine patterns with dry film photoresist, dry film solder mask, dielectric film, copper foil for

SBU technology and many other film layup applications. The integration of the new Lauffer flat press module ensures a good surface flatness and adhesion of the finished good.


We expect this collaboration to be fruitful in addressing our customer needs and together with our new vacuum chamber, this new line developed with Lauffer will greatly  expand  our product offering to the existing customer bases of both companies and new customers, says Osvaldo Novello, Managing Director at Automatic Lamination Technologies.  



2018IPC APEX 0

A.L.T. Dynachem team will be present at IPC APEX EXPO 2018 in San Diego from the 27th Ferbruary to the 1st March at Booth #312.


We invite all customers to visit the show and our booth to have all the news about Dynachem and all the information about our company.

For more visit http://www.ipcapexexpo.org

Amphenol Invotec Invests in Dynachem Lamination Technology

Amphenol Invotec Invests in Dynachem Lamination Technology

Amphenol Invotec has installed a state-of-the-art Dynachem inner-layer dry film lamination line capable of handling 25 micron cores.

“This equipment line forms part of a £1.5 million investment and will ensure that we are suitably placed to meet the demands of our markets over the coming years. By making this commitment not only are we improving our process capabilities but implementing the latest in dry film lamination technology.” said Tim Tatton, general manager of Amphenol Invotec.

“After comprehensive benchmarking against other leading lamination system manufacturers, the Dynachem solution was chosen as the stand-out choice; a proven and robust system for laminating fine line circuitry. Dynachem are an established supply partner and delivered exceptional after sales and service support,” said Steve Kerr, process engineering manager of Amphenol Invotec.

Osvaldo Novello, managing director of Dynachem, said, “We are extremely pleased to have been chosen by Amphenol Invotec once again. We have been actively implementing and improving our technology to meet the growing needs of the PCB industry. We have invested heavily in research and development and it is nice to see it well received in the industry.”

About Amphenol Invotec 

Operating from facilities in Tamworth and Telford, Amphenol Invotec is one of Europe’s leading manufacturers of time critical, high technology printed circuit boards.

The company manufactures a wide range of multilayer, HDI, sequential lamination, flex and rigid-flex PCBs using a variety of advanced materials, finishes and technologies to meet exacting customer specifications. For more information visit www.amphenol-invotec.com.
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