ACB invests in new lamination lines technology

5 April 2019

 Automatic Lamination Technologies (ALT) under brand name Dynachem are pleased to announce that ACB NV (Belgium) has installed successfully two state of the art Dry Film Lamination Line for Inner and Outer layers.

“We at ACB are pleased to have chosen Dynachem after extensive evaluation. Both lines have been installed successfully and running well” commented Jan Van De Putte (Responsible Engineer) /Wim Van De Moortel (Process Engineering Manager at ACB).

ALT – Dynachem Managing Director, Osvaldo Novello said, “We are extremely pleased to have been chosen by ACB once again for both Inner and Outer Layer dry film lamination line. We believe that our SmartLam Model 5200 can satisfy the technology required in the current PCB industry. This laminator model has the flexibility to manage either panel types down to 1mil core (rigid and flex), using Dynachem unique clamping Thin Layer support and the automatic dry film tension device, and up to 12.7mm thickness without any special adjustment. Machine can be equipped also with its own Wet Module when higher dry film adhesion is required. In addition the new HMI software meets the industry 4.0 requirement and it can support also the SECS/GEM protocol mostly used in the semiconductors industry”.

About ACB: ACB is one of Europe’s leading manufactures of High Technology and Quick Turnaround Printed Circuit Boards. They offer a wide range of technologies including rigid, flex-rigid and flexible multilayer boards. To learn more about ACB, please visit webpage on

About Automatic Lamination Technologies – Dynachem: ALT – Dyanchem is an independent, privately-held company fully dedicated to design, manufacture and offer high Technology equipment to the PCB, chemical milling, semiconductor and photovoltaic industries. To learn more about ALT- Dyanchem, please visit webpage on

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