Advanced technologies in PCB manufacturing has necessitated the use of ultra-thin materials (< 50µm in total thickness) and finer resolution (< 75 microns lines/spaces), photosensitive dry films has revived the use of wet lamination for enhanced adhesion.

To achieve these demands, we are pleased to introduce the new automatic cut sheet laminator model SMARTLAM 5200. It is part of our development of the SMARTLAM series, but designed for processing the ultra-thin materials with option of wet lamination in high-volume production environment.

Designed around our reputable tacking system, the new handling system is made of re-designed conveyors, centering unit and, more importantly, special devices that allow the handling of material in and out of the lamination rollers at the tacking point, enabling users to process ultrathin materials without damage.

To achieve good adhesion, which is important for finer resolution, we have introduced the wet lamination system with a new design. This reduces the risk of micro bubbles.

Software has been updated offering greater flexibility in setting processing parameters to easily adapt to the processing of the most advanced materials.

Besides the handling of ultra-thin material, we have retained the versatility of the 5000 series and lamination of thicker substrates (up to 12mm) is possible with ease.

To complete the total integration methodology, a TEKNEK cleaning unit can be integrated into the machine to minimize the footprint and connections.

The SMARTLAM 5200 is the next generation of automatic cut sheet laminator for advanced technologies for your lamination needs.

Feel free to contact us and see for yourself and try out samples in demonstration facility.

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