Automatic Lamination Technology launches two new models

Automatic Lamination Technologies expand it’s product range to include two new models; Automatic Laminator Model SMARTLAM 5000 and Vacuum Applicator Model VA 7124 HP6.
Both machines has been designed to evolve the ever changing business and technology requirements of the Printed Circuit Board Industry and business decision all over, whilst ensuring broad adoption of latest design to give maximum trouble free productivity using the intuitive broad menu based interface. The platform from which the entire product family is built , has been designed on a value engineered model where the customer benefits from being cost effective, user friendly and easy to maintain idealogy, according to a company press release.

On December 30th, 2009, Automatic Lamination Technologies srl, has finalized the purchase of the Electronic Materials Equipment Division from Dow Chemicals. Previously part of Rohm and Haas Electronic Materials, this equipment division, located in Italy has a long history of serving PCB customers worldwide in supplying dry film imaging equipment, primarily with Laminators and vacuum applicators.

Automatic Lamination Technology, Dynachem, is an independant company, fully dedicated to offer high Technology equipments to the PCB Industry and the Photovoltaic Industry, primarily conveyorized and manual vacuum applicators.

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